24 Jun 2013

8 May 2013

Three great new exhibitions of work this summer...

Three brand new series for 2013. Read more HERE.

28 Mar 2013

Summer Exhibitions 2013

Here's a press release for two new exhibitions running back to back in London, this summer.

14 Feb 2013

New work - Paris Match

Work has begun on a new series of canvas originals - Paris Match.

Incorporating 12 original Paris Match covers (ranging from 1953-1960), these artworks will feature an alchemy-approach to championing the silver screen femme fatales of this period - including Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg.

Work is in rough phase. More to follow.

7 Feb 2013

"They tipped the county… and the nuts all rolled to Los Angeles"…

observation • influence • homage

The Wrinkles of the City is a world-scale project aimed to be presented in various cities around the world where “wrinkles”, human as well as architectural, can be found. 

So far, JR has pasted The Wrinkles of the City in Cartagena, Spain (2008), in Shanghai, China (2010), Los Angeles, USA (2011) and La Habana, Cuba (2012), in collaboration with US artist José Parlá. In May 2012, JR collaborates with Cuban-American artist José Parlá on the latest iteration of The Wrinkles of the City: a huge mural installation in Havana, undertaken for the Havana Biennale, for which JR and Parlá photographed and recorded 25 senior citizens who had lived through the Cuban revolution, creating portraits which Parlá, who is of Cuban descent, interlaced with palimpsestic calligraphic writings and paintings. 

Parlá’s markings echo the distressed surfaces of the walls he inscribes, and offer commentary on the lives of Cuba’s elders; together, JR and Parlá’s murals marvellously animate a city whose walls are otherwise adorned only by images of its leaders. 

In Spanish, the project is entitled Los Surcos de la Ciudad.

28 Jan 2013

Pedaler en grand braquet

observation • influence • homage

18 Jan 2013

Cereal stationery

The New Year begins with a slight rebrand. And with it a batch of new business cards, which arrived today, in a fine package courtesy of Urban Cottage Industries.

Housed in a former trouser factory, in the UK's industrial north west, UCI are many things - chiefly an advocate and caretaker for bygone glories - this our aesthetic heritage, be it letterpress printing, the soft glow of a gossamer light filament, brown paper and string, or twisted, fabric lighting flex. They represent a life-affirming deliverance from the anodyne creep of the digital age. 

Each of my cards are unique. The front design a constant, the reverse a lucky-dip crop of upcycled Breakfast Cereal Packaging. From the UCI site:

'Kornflake.co.uk grew out of our love of letterpress printing and admiration for breakfast cereal packaging. It's a very small but very important part of what we do.

Breakfast cereal manufacturers produce bright, iconic designs on high quality cardboard. Once you've eaten up your cornflakes the majority of this currently ends up in landfill or is shipped halfway around the world to be mechanically and chemically processed into low grade pulp.

Here at Kornflake, instead we make fantastic business and greetings cards from these empty breakfast cereal boxes. We source our raw material using local schools - this offers schools a fundraising scheme and school kids an incentive and an opportunity to take part in a real recycling process. All our cards arrive beautifully packaged in 100% recyclable paper (no polythene / polystyrene).'

17 Jan 2013

Life on Merz

observation • influence • homage

During my first year studying for a Graphic Design degree, students were required to submit a final year essay, on the subject of their choice.

I chose Kurt Schwitters.

The final mark wasn't a great one. It wasn't that I had not researched my subject, or presented a cohesive precis of why I chose this Dadaist maestro, or written too little or too much. In the tutor's office was an IN Tray, into which students would place their final essay, ready for marking. I recall all the neatly-bound A4 micro-dissertations precisely stacked, almost overspilling the container, yet still holding form. Onto this low rise studious tower block I placed my contribution - an A3 sheet of packing crate board, littered with the cut-n-paste paragraphs from the essay which I had dismantled and reworked, in the process both championing the subject's ethos, and at the same time extracting some sense of what the collage process demanded of its maker.

They didn't like it. Creativity has parameters. It would seem.

Schwitters in Britain - Tate Britain
30 January – 12 May 2013

13 Jan 2013

Sun Bathers. Leonard Beaumont 1932.

observation • influence • homage

Leonard Beaumont, Sun Bathers, c1932, linocut. Photo © Museums Sheffield.

The Power of the Print:
Leonard Beaumont Rediscovered
22 December 2012 – 14 September 2013
Graves Gallery
Free Entry

29 Dec 2012

Arise Sir Wiggo

As expected, the extraordinary achievements of Bradley Wiggins in 2012 have been recognised in the New Year's Honours List - as he becomes Sir Bradley Wiggins. 

Of his new title, Wiggins said "It's not something I'll use on a daily basis, but it's nice to have in the trophy cabinet as the ultimate accolade as a sportsman, being knighted by your country for not only the success this year but 12 years now of consistent work and performing."

Consequently, my latest artwork 'Kids from Kilburn aren't supposed to win the Tour' takes on new meaning.

24 Dec 2012

Bradley Wiggins - Commemorative artwork

In recognition of an extraordinary year, I have taken the second of two shoes donated by the 2012 Tour de France winner, and created a fitting installation piece - 'Kids from Kilburn aren't supposed to win the Tour'.

More information HERE.

17 Dec 2012

Bradley Wiggins - Sports Personality of the Year 2012

In what was probably the closely-contested award since the inaugural BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Bradley Wiggins was crowned the 2012 winner.

Closing the year on his own personal annus mirabilis, Wiggins was gratitios in victory, taking 30.25% of the vote. The coveted trophy set to reside in his local - the Original Farmers Arms in Ecclestone, Lancashire.

Over half of the 25 limited edition Bradley Wiggins 101 prints have been sold. So maybe now is the time to invest in one of the remaining artworks, capping an incredible year of sporting achievement.

Priced at £395, this signed and numbered archival pigment print measures 32 x 35 cm.

Buy a print HERE.

23 Nov 2012

Pastures new

The momentum has begun - to move over to a newly-designed virtual gallery for my art and practice. Akin to moving home, the initiative rarely runs smoothly, and comes wrapped in the emotions when closing one door, in order to open another.

The intention is to make viewing, and purchasing artworks easier. As well as satisfying the 'tablet generation'. The complete process may take a week or so. Phase 1 is LIVE now.

29 Sep 2012

PRINT EDITIONS - launching a new venture

Following the success of the LE TOUR Exhibition this summer, I have created associated artworks, to be released within a new venture - PRINT EDITIONS.

Available as limited edition prints, Print Editions come in a concise set of size and price options, referencing the original, and most successful pieces from previous exhibitions. 

Print Editions launches as three sets 

Head Badges
Featuring twenty-one iconic bike manufactures, from Peugeot to Gitane, Raleigh to Colnago.

All the Jerseys shown in the Le Tour Show, with the option to combine your favourites.

The Legends series debuts within Print Editions. And features a set of bold epitaphs to the great and good. Using strong graphics and colour mixes, Legends embraces the Pop Art palette, representing the likes of Fausto Coppi, Jacques Anquetil and Tom Simpson in a vibrant framework.

18 Sep 2012

LE TOUR Exhibition now online

The entire collection of LE TOUR Exhibition artworks are now available to view online. 

Visit the GALLERY section for the complete array of artwork. And the EXHIBITION section for a brief tour of the show.

Many of the pieces are still available to purchase. If you are interested in buying from the show, or would like to discuss a commission get in touch HERE.