What is PALETTE?

Traditionally, a palette can be a hand-held board, onto which an artist arranges and mixes pigment for applying to a canvas or other surface.

In some, material fashion this may be true here.

Yet, by extension, what I am truly wishing to achieve with PALETTE is a sense of outlook - the visual style of my art, set against the broad landscape that the visual arts oeuvre presents.

PALETTE is a shifting montage. The works which I create, overlaying the vista that inspires. Indirectly, it is also about taste.

At its core is my work method - taking original, vintage materials, and reworking them into a modern framework. Integrating these delicate, and often rare, items provide a visceral element of danger within my process. Having located a given piece, I am often all too aware that there is no going back. Its ephemeral vulnerability ceases as soon as the process of integration begins. So the act of making comes loaded with significance. Such 'analogue' creativity provides a more intensive adherence to the artistic process. Instinct plays a greater part. As does the discipline of mark-making and to some extent, the alchemy that ensues.

In summary, my work is a fusion, of two art movements. Born from a renaissance, a revival or rebirth, the stories and folklore of old are then represented in a Pop-Art form, marrying the the 'product' of the past, with the 'process' of the present. The results are keepsakes - an apotheosis - as iconism, and devotional imagery - THE PAST [remix].